ISA-95: the international standard for the integration of enterprise and control systems.

What is ISA-95? Industrial Best Practices of Manufacturing Information Technologies with ISA-95 Models Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting IEC65E/JWG5 Convener ISA 95 Editor

This guy presented the info in a power point presentation / PDF, and my review of that presentation having been in the industry that this standard applies to for 40 years of experience following the Hardware trens & Software evolution, and global standards and serial data protocols etc....the PDF is well worded for a broad range of intellects and management types.

The link to the complete 32 pages is:

Note: the ISA, in the ISA-95 is as follows:

ISA (International Society of Automation), previously the Instrument Society of America   = USA Standards for process constrol systems     eg  Refineries , heavy industry,

The issue is so well described by Mr Dennis Brandl.. I'll say no more.

OR ONE LAST THING    iISA -95 IS A STANDARD THAT IF A SOFTWARE  product was developed to conforms to ISA-95, then your corporate management understanding the conformance to ISA-95 means they should or will feel assurred that if they (invest into this capital expenditure) buy the product so that they can access data from the process control systems, then their IT people will be able to easily collect data and report  that information.

  •   Inteletrac  for example which gets live data from the field via Wonderware Archestra - Intouch HMI

Many large sites with lots of equipment, and purchasing agents and use SAP type Management Enterprise Resource database applications. Inteletrac would be easily compatible with a SAP Enterprise System.

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